About Us

Our Goal

Our goal at Curly’s Woodworks is to create beautiful works of art out of wood and other materials. We create anything from signs, to furniture, to custom gifts. We love taking your idea and turning it into something you will cherish. 

Using woodworking machinery, hand tools, and a CNC router table, we create unique projects that will sure bring a smile to your face! 


The Beginning

Alexander Sibley is not your average woodworker. He attended Tulane University where he studied Musical Theatre and Pre-Med. After his undergrad he received his Master’s in Classical Music at Loyola University in New Orleans. Due to his singing gigs mostly in the evening and on Sunday mornings, he was looking for something to do during the day. 

He was singing in Italy one summer and upon arriving home, his mother asked if he could make a sign for his parents home. Having no previous knowledge of woodworking, he started his research. His first investment into his unknowing passion was a Ryobi router. He began cutting into scrap pieces of wood, trying to master the skill. 

Around this same time, his wife, Kaley, introduced him to a program to create custom t-shirt logos. He loved the process and wondered what it would be like to have a similar process, but be able to create signs in wood. He came across a CNC programming software and for about 3 months he studied and learned the process until he felt comfortable enough to purchase a CNC machine. And with that, Curly's Woodworks was created!

He quickly became busy creating signs and custom gifts for clients. He loved the process and his curiosity grew and grew. He had a natural passion and a natural talent in woodworking and he got better and better. As the years went on, there was a lot of trial and error, a lot of YouTube videos watched, and a lot of articles read, but he grew naturally as an artist.

Now, almost four years later, he creates beautiful pieces of art and amazing creations out of wood, foam, acrylic, resin, and many other materials. He shares a workshop with his father, Mike, with Sibley Manor Woodworks based out of Covington, LA. He truly enjoys creating unique and custom projects that will surely bring a smile to your face.

"I love the path I have traveled and the passion that I have come across. The goal is to go make art. Whatever it may be. Make art and spread it to the world. For some, it may be a painting or a photograph. For others, it may be a song or a poem. At the end of the day, art is what makes people happy and unites people with common interests. We can use art to make a difference in each other's lives."

~Alexander Sibley, Owner and Craftsman